Mr. A. Satish Babu

Mr. A. Satish Babu

Mr. A. Satish Babu, (Topic: Agri & Eco Tourism for Sustainable Tourism Growth)

Mr. A. Satish Babu, a native of Sakleshpur Taluk, is a Civil Engineering graduate from Malnad College of Engineering in Hassan. With 35 years of experience in the construction industry, he has established himself as a seasoned professional and an avid nature lover.

Mr. Satish Babu is the Managing Partner of ‘Deva Dhare,’ an experiential resort in Sakleshpur Taluk, known for its commitment to eco-friendly practices and eco-tourism. The resort’s dining space, a remarkable Timbrel Vault designed by ‘Play Architecture’ from Bangalore and executed by Mr. Babu, exemplifies sustainable architecture. This project has garnered significant acclaim, winning several national and international awards, including:

‘Small Project of the Year’ award at the World Architecture Festival, Portugal, in 2022.
LIT Lighting Design Award in 2022.
ADF Excellence Award, Italy, in 2023.
Monsoon Architecture Award in 2023.
Nominated for BRICK Award 2024 being held at Vienna , Austria

The dining space at Deva Dhare has also been featured in numerous international architectural magazines, further highlighting its innovative design and sustainable approach.

Dedicated to promoting eco-tourism, Mr. Satish Babu has ensured that Deva Dhare offers guests an immersive experience that harmonizes with nature, fostering an appreciation for the environment while providing exceptional hospitality.

Mr. Satish Babu is an active member of the Sakleshpur Resort Owners Association (SROA), contributing his expertise and passion for sustainable construction and nature. His efforts in advancing eco-friendly practices have made a significant impact on the community and the broader industry.